Supply Chain Orientation, Social Capital and Firm’s Performance: The Mediating Role of Supply Chain Innovation Comparative Study of China & Pakistan


  • Rafia Yasmin International Islamic University Islamabad


Supply Chain Orientation, Structural Capital, Cognitive Capital, Relational Capital, Supply Chain Innovation, Firm’s Performance (Financial and non-Financial).


This study is considered to be descriptive concerning the constructs in the research framework. These constructs are supply chain orientation, social capital with dimensions (i.e. structural capital, cognitive capital and relational capital), Supply Chain Innovation and firm’s performance. This research also includes the examination of the causal relationship of such constructs using a sample from Chinese and Pakistani different industries. Hypothesized model is validated empirically using data collected from 269 from Pakistan and 493 from Chinese different industries. An empirical examination was conducted using a multivariate method called Structural Equation Model (SEM). SEM is used for confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Typical for this purpose Analysis of Moment Structure (AMOS) version IBM-21was used. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 20 edition is employed for descriptive statistics (frequency distribution, mean, and standard deviation). The results indicate that supply chain orientation and social capital with dimensions (i.e. structural capital, cognitive capital and relational capital) are strong predictors of Supply Chain Innovation which may further lead to higher level of firm’s overall performance (Financial and non-financial). Finally, this study presents the insightful theoretical and managerial implications of results.